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Don't Worry...Ezscreen
Is In Control!
wins touch screen contract for Nation�s Capital Complex!


When the time came to finally modernize the controls for lighting, security and communications in our nation's capital complex, the call went out to manufacturers around the world.

Nearly every "all-in-one" touch screen PC system made was purchased and extensively evaluated in an effort to provide the very best for this important project. Once the dust settled, there was one clear winner.

The surprise for many was that the winner wasn�t manufactured by a major brand such as 3M, Dell, HP, Elo, Gateway, IBM or NCR.  It was Ezscreen's latest evolution of the "All-In-One" RxKiosk
, the Rx190 "Aero Edition."

has been a quiet pioneer and leader in the touch screen PC concept for many years, but this latest honor is too significant to keep quiet. The Rx190 "Aero" is revolutionary. By a wide margin, it runs faster, quieter and cooler than any competing machine in the category. Further, the Rx190 "Aero" accomplishes its mission while exhibiting the finest in design, technology and American craftsmanship at a very competitive price.

It's so good that once we've taken full control of the Senate and Congress, we are slated to take control of the White House as well.   Now its time for you to take control of your project using the very best all-in-one panel PC available today.
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