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Series A                   3-D Illustration    (requires adobe acrobat 7+)

Beautiful Infrared Touch Frames
Install In A Few Minutes Without Tools. Outdoor & Multi-Touch Options Now Available.



It's all in the details~

Adding touch to an existing large format plasma, LCD or rear projection display should be both a practical and beautiful decision. 

Our "Series A" touch frames will enhance both the experience of the user's interaction with your content and the appearance of your display.

Installing these touch frames WILL NOT violate the display's warranty.

Multi-Touch Option Is Now Available!

Our extruded aluminum frames pay attention to the details, essential for products where the user's perception of quality is as important as the inherently good engineering that lies beyond their view.

Our standard finish is a charcoal metallic powder coating. It is carefully applied to allow a bit of the base polished aluminum to show through and then sealed with a UV inhibitor to protect it.

Detail-Rear View Corner

Series "A" Now Available As IP65 Weather Resistant!
Contact us for details

Now Available with Anti-Reflective Tempered Glass!
Contact us for details...spec available at the bottom of this page.

Worried about vandalism?

Don't be; we can place any thickness or type of protective glass in the Wavelength
touch screen system.

Need ADA certification?
is fully ADA compliant!

Frustrated with a tangle of wires and controller boxes and external power supplies?
The controller is built-in to the powder coated aluminum bezel and the system operates from a single USB cable! (DB9 is available).

Tired of short lived systems with limited support?
Each Wavelength
system comes with a five year parts and labor warranty.

The Wavelength
Series A line of touch screen systems is available in sizes from 24" to 150" diagonal in 4:3 and 16:9 formats. Your solution is available exclusively at Ezscreen.
Stock Status    /   Model   /   Description Drawings Lead Time Purchase Online
(for 24" diag. displays)
Dimension_Sheet_EZ-240-WAVE-A.pdf 2 Weeks  
Θ  EZ-270-WAVE-A (Kit, No Glass)
(for 27" diag. displays)
Dimension_Sheet_EZ-270-WAVE-A.pdf 2 Weeks  
Θ  EZ-300-WAVE-A (Kit, No Glass)
(for 30" diag. displays)
Dimension_Sheet_EZ-300-WAVE-A.pdf 2 Weeks Only $1,140 
a EZ-320-WAVE-A (Kit, No Glass)
(for 32" diag. displays)
In Stock Only $1,200  
a EZ-370-WAVE-A (Kit, No Glass)
(for 37" diag. displays)
Dimension Sheet_EZ-370-WAVE-A.pdf In Stock Only $1,300 
Θ  EZ-400-WAVE-A (Kit, No Glass)
(for 40" diag. displays)
Dimension_Sheet_EZ-400-WAVE-A.pdf 2 Weeks Only $1,360 
Θ  EZ-420-WAVE-A (Kit, No Glass)
(for 42" diag. displays)
Dimension_Sheet_EZ-420-WAVE-A.pdf 2 Weeks Only $1,440 
Θ EZ-500-WAVE-A (Kit, No Glass)
(for 50" diag. displays)
Dimension_Sheet_EZ-500-WAVE-A.pdf 2 Weeks Only $1,760 
Θ  EZ-630-WAVE-A (Kit, No Glass)
(for 63" diag. displays)
Dimension_Sheet_EZ-630-WAVE-A.pdf 2 Weeks  
Θ  EZ-650-WAVE-A (Kit, No Glass)
(for 65" diag.displays)
Dimension_Sheet_EZ-650-WAVE-A.pdf 2 Weeks Only $2,960 
Θ  EZ-670-WAVE-A (Kit, No Glass)
(for 67" diag.displays)
Dimension_Sheet_EZ-670-WAVE-A.pdf 2 Weeks  
Θ  EZ-700-WAVE-A (Kit, No Glass)
(for 70" diag. display)
Dimension_Sheet_EZ-700-WAVE-A.pdf 2 Weeks  
Θ  EZ-850-WAVE-A (Kit, No Glass)
(for 85" diag. displays)
Dimension_Sheet_EZ-850-WAVE-A.pdf 2 Weeks Only $4,900 
Θ  EZ-1000-WAVE-A (Kit, No Glass)
(for 100" diag. displays)
Dimension_Sheet_EZ-1000-WAVE-A.pdf 2 Weeks  
Θ EZ-1030-WAVE-A (Kit, No Glass)
(for 103" diag. displays)
Dimension_Sheet_EZ-1030-WAVE-A.pdf 2 Weeks Only $5,000 
Θ  EZ-1500-WAVE-A (Kit, No Glass)
(for 150" diag. displays)
Dimension_Sheet_EZ-1500-WAVE-A-USB 2 Weeks  
aIn Stock for Immediate Delivery Θ Standard Design, 2~3 Week Lead Time


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SPEC-AR Tempered Glass              Installation in a Kiosk, Software Installation & Testing  


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