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A.D.A. & Education


There are literally thousands of specialized products aimed at assisting interaction with computer learning devices and it is this very diversity of products that is tearing apart the hardware budgets of educational institutions. The specialized needs as well as mainstream needs of the student population are  met and exceeded by using  a touchscreen. 

 Patent-Pending "all-in-one" RxKiosk� computer solutions. Making special education solutions easy to deploy and support.

Our inexpensive systems can replace thousands of different input devices without straining your budget. Unlike traditional PCs, with a myriad of separate components, our systems are easy to place where you want as you require. I

The systems are light and extremely durable because of our aircraft quality construction. The wireless option makes it instantly accessible wherever there's an outlet and a signal.

The EZscreen touchscreen system allows access to computing power and creativity in a very special way. Our products allow computer access for those who were previously unable or unwilling to manipulate a mouse. The resistive surface is extremely clear and acts just as a mouse would to the touch of a finger or stylus.

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) , calls for equal access to services in public as well as job related functions and the IDEA initiative requires equal access for students. A touchscreen is able, in many instances, to achieve that. The resistive type is especially suitable for this purpose because, unlike other types, it allows access whether you touch the screen with a finger, a prosthesis or a stylus of any type.

Accessibility questions aren't limited to those with physical disabilities. Persons with ADD, Down Syndrome and Mental Retardation (and others) require special consideration when it comes to computer and information resources.
Educators must provide these groups with the ability to access the same resources as their general population. Providing full access may at first seem a burden, however, implementation of hardware such as ours will increase the productivity of your most valuable asset, your teachers

"One day, every display will have a touch screen."

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