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Installation: "Series A" Infrared Touch Frame & Tempered Glass Shield On LG 42" LCD

Step 1.) Preparation
Workspace Requirements:

1.) A clean, atmospherically-controlled environment with good lighting 
2.) Two work surfaces, one with a padded,  non-abrasive surface and another very flat (we use a 1" thick plate glass measuring 96 X 52") assembly table. For  this installation onto an LG 42" LCD each surface should be at least 48X60"

Tools Required:
1.) #1 or #2 Philips Head Screwdriver (per your display's fasteners)
2.) X-Acto Knife and Fresh Blades
3.) Windex® Glass Cleaner or Equivalent
4.) Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
5.) Large Roll Paper Towels 
6.) Lint-Free Monitor Cleaning Wipes
7.) 8-12 Non-Skid Cork-Faced Glass Support Squares
8.) Latex Surgical-Style Gloves (optional)
9.) Roll of Painter's Tape (optional)

Pictured: LG 42" LCD display on non-abrasive work surface 


Pictured: Glass Shield on Cork-Blocks to be Cleaned

Glass Shield Preparation

The tempered glass shield (0.125" thick in this instance) is placed upon non-slip cork-faced blocks. These support and protect the glass of both the glass shield and the tabletop.

Thoroughly clean the entire glass shield using a commercially available glass cleaner. 

Then use lint-free monitor wipes to remove any extraneous paper or dust residue.

Tip: It is more effective to liberally spray the cleaner directly on the glass, allow at least 30 seconds to soak, then wipe off in vertical strokes. Repeat using horizontal cleaning motion. Continue until completely spotless on the entire surface, edge to edge.

Apply Adhesive Tape

This is an engineered double-sided adhesive with extraordinary bonding strength when applied correctly. 

We will concentrate our efforts on the more difficult substrate to adhere to, thus, we apply the adhesive tape to each side of the the glass shield rather than directly to the display or the Wavelength® unit.

Apply the 1" wide 3M® VHB® acrylic adhesive tape on one side of the glass to within 1/16" of the outer edge. 

Tip: It is important to maximize the adhesive properties of the VHB by carefully laying down a couple of inches at a time and then applying moderate pressure from the midline outwards to allow trapped air to escape.

Note: DO NOT STRETCH the adhesive tape

Pictured: Glass Shied with VHB Applied (tape's liner backing paper still in place)       

The adhesive should have no gaps in the corners. Overlapping the tape at the X/Y intersection and cut through both layers to create a near perfect butt joint. 

Tip: Butt joints are preferred because they expose less potential open area than mitre joints.

Note: Adhesive Strength Is Directly Proportional to Contact Area
, It should be laid down accurately and pressed onto the surface after it is positioned.

Pictured: Wavelength Touch Frame With Glass Shield Assembly"blocked-in" with Cork

Preparing the Wavelength Touch Frame

Using the flat table surface, the Wavelength® unit is placed face down with non-skid cork blocks under and around the outside edges to prevent it from slipping around while we work.

Thoroughly clean  the back of the Wavelength® touch frame using a commercially available glass cleaner. 

Note: Do not spray cleaner directly on the unit, instead, spray it onto the paper towel and vigorously wipe down the surface.

After the touch frame's rear surface has been completely cleaned and dried, strip the liner off of one side of the glass shield. 

Pictured: Stripping Liner Off Adhesive

Position the Glass

The tape's liner has been stripped and the assembly is ready For Installation On The Display 

Carefully place the glass on the rear side of the Wavelength touch frame.

Note: The glass is sized smaller than the touch frame which creates a "reveal" of approximately 1/16"~1/8" on all four edges.

Repeat the process to apply adhesive to the other side of the glass.

If you purchased a Wavelength® Touchscreen Assembly with Glass Already Installed

-Start Here

Clean and Clean Again!

Clean the back of the glass-Again

Remove all traces of fingerprints, smudges and dust.

Once the assembly is Ready- Assembly Attachment

The surface of the display must be clean. Often a molded plastic, such as the bezel of a display will still have "mold release" on its surface. "Mold Release" will prevent the adhesive from doing its job. Use Isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free rag to remove the "mold release" agent as well as any other residue. Allow to thoroughly dry.

Attach the touch frame (with glass) as an assembly to the display itself.

Tip: Mark the corners of the touch frame's final, ideal location before setting the touch frame assembly in place by "dry fitting" the assembly on the display while the adhesive's liner is still in place. Mark the corners using strips of "Painter's Tape".  For larger displays we suggest that two people work together when positioning the touchscreen assembly onto the display.

Cure Time

The touch frame adhesive requires 72 hours at 72ºF. ambient temperature to reach 75% of its full strength (100 p.s.i.). Higher temperatures will speed the cure while higher humidity and lower temperatures will slow the cure.
The display assembly should be left in a face down horizontal plane during the curing stage to assure a secure position.


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