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Our ThruTouch touch screen is a flexible polycarbonate sheet. It contains a nearly invisible grid that projects a very low amperage capacitance field through almost any non metallic material.  

This allows you to add frameless, "through-glass" touch interaction to a store window, museum display case or kiosk using your existing LCD monitor or digital projector.

Don't limit your imagination to flat surfaces or standard sizes. We can accommodate curved surfaces and custom screens to suit your specific requirements.
Detection Method: Through-Glass/Projected Capacitive Technology
Screen Sizes: 30"~ 100" Diagonal. Available in 4:3 & 16:9 aspect ratio
Position accuracy: Approximately 3 mm absolute, 1 mm relative. No drift
Alignment: Software drivers provide full calibration
Sensitivity: Adjustable by software. Can be programmed for different thickness of glass and even use with gloved hands. 
Functions with non-metallic single thickness materials (glass, plastics, wood) up to 16mm thick.
Response Speed: 50 to 100ms. (material throughput dependent)
Output: RS232C communications via 9 pin D female
Software Compatibility: Microsoft� Windows XP & Vista
Temperature range: -10� ~ +70�C
Humidity Controller: 0% to 95%, Unaffected by condensation
Light Transmission: 85%+ (film) less adjoining substrate light transmission

To make a complete system using a projector, you will require a  rear projection screen.



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