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4-Wire Resistive Touch Screen Panels

Using our kits allows you to add our resistive touchscreen interface to virtually any LCD display, desktop, laptop, netbook, cell phone, GPS or palmtop.
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We can produce virtually any size touch screen panel, please inquire for  custom units. Tooling is inexpensive and prototyping is quick!

We use the very best resistive technology available.
standard 4-wire features

graphical overview of resistive screens format
details about 4-wire controllers


4-Wire Resistive Touch Panels 

model number
a= in stock
=Standard Design

construction & surface treatment (*1*)

external dims.(mm)

viewable dims.(mm)

active area dims.(mm)

tail position

tail length (mm) & connector style Drawing Stock Status Purchase Online
a EZ0210L-wwwR


48.00X38.50 35.5 X 41.0mm 30.0 X 36.0mm horizontal 20.00 & 1mmP. ZIF  

In Stock

Only $12 
EZ0288L-wwwR   ITO-1,CH,AGH,ANR 70.00x55.00 59.60x46.10 58.00x44.00 horizontal 30.00      
a EZ0370L-UN-UG ITO-1, UN, UG 86.500 X 66.00       67.00 & 1mmP. ZIF EZ0370L-UN-UG

In Stock

Only $22 
EZ0387L-wwwR ITO-1,CH, AGH,ANR 89.40x69.40 80.90x60.98 79.90x59.89 vertical 22.50      
ITO-1,CH, AGH,ANR 94.80x69.60 88.80x61.60 86.80x59.60 vertical 30.00      
EZ0477L-wwwR ITO-1,CH, AGH,ANR 110.74x89.41 101.09x76.96 98.09x73.96 vertical 30.00      
EZ0585L-wwwR  ITO-1,CH, AGH,ANR 138.00 x 108.00 118x89.00 116 x 87mm horizontal 67.00 EZ0585L-wwwR

In Stock

Only $46 
EZ0657L-wwwR ITO-1,CH, AGH,ANR 156.00x120.00 136.00x100.00 134.00x98.00 horizontal 67.00      
EZ074L-wwwR ITO-1,CH, AGH,ANR 171.90x127.40 148.90x112.40 145.90x109.40 horizontal 67.00      
EZ0846L-wwwR ITO-1,CH, AGH,ANR 208.00x152.00 176.00x133.00 171.00x128.00 horizontal 67.00      
a EZ1044L-wwwR ITO-1,CH, AGH,ANR 237.00x180.00 216.20x163.40 212.00x159.40 horizontal 67.00


In Stock

Only $63  

a EZ1215L-wwwR ITO-1,CH, AGH,ANR 271.00x205.00 253.00x191.00 248.00x186.00 horizontal 67.00


In Stock

Only $85  

Θ EZ151L-wwwR  ITO-1,CH, AGH,ANR 330.00x255.00 310.00x235.00 303.00x227.00 horizontal 67.00    

See 5-Wire Resistive

a EZ171L-wwwR ITO-1,CH, AGH,ANR 362.00x278.00 340.00x260.00 320.00x238.00 horizontal 67.00


In Stock

Only $109

Θ EZ190L-wwwR ITO-1,CH, AGH,ANR 395.00x300.00 375.00x284.60 360.00x269.60 horizontal 67.00    

See 5-Wire Resistive

Note (1) Construction and surface finish: 
 ITO-1=PET layer fully bonded to ITO glass,
 CH=Chemically hardened optical quality glass
 AGH=Internal anti-glare hard coating PET layer
 ANR=Anti-Newton Ring treatment on ITO glass
 UN=Normal Glass
 UG=Polished PET

Note (2) Stock Status: 
a= In Stock, normally inventoried and ready for immediate shipping
= Standard Design, non-stock item with normal delivery of 4~6 weeks
Θ= Replaced with 5-Wire Resistive Design

These Panels Require A Touch Screen Controller
4-Wire USB Controller Tech Specs  Only $43            
4-Wire DB9 Controller Tech Specs   Only $43            
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