Will light disturb the performance of the
touch screen?

Our infrared touch screens are designed to operate under all lighting conditions, even direct sunlight will not disturb their performance. 

What resolution does the infrared touch screen have?
The maximum resolution of Wavelength™ infrared controller is 4096X4096. That is over 16 million touch points. The actual resolution experienced is affected by the number of infrared transmitters and receivers in your particular touch screen. Larger touch screens have a greater number of infrared elements in their array and the controller is able to resolve this information into smoother on screen motion and a greater number of potential touch points.

Does infrared touch screen need frequent recalibration?
Our infrared touch screens are the most stable products on the market. There is no drift and they are maintenance free. Install a Wavelength
™ and forget about it.

Of course, if you change your display's resolution you will need to re-calibrate, but it requires only a few seconds.

Will dust or dirt will disturb the performance of the infrared touch screen?
Dirt or dust on the glass screen will not affect the performance of the Wavelength
system. The system is also unaffected by sun, wind, rain snow and sleet thanks to its standard IP65 sealed enclosure.

A heavy accumulation of dust/debris on the infrared window that surrounds the glass, however, will block the signal. You will need to keep this area clean to assure the best performance.

What Vandal-Proof level can infrared touch screen reach?
Our optional 5mm tempered glass is considered the standard for vandal proof construction. It meets or exceeds the following parameters:
Glass Surface Stress: 30KGF / m2
Glass Bending: 100KGF / m2
Glass Impact: Steel Ball ( 63.5mm diameter, 1040grams) dropped from 1040mm, No break

work in my environment?
Operation Temperature Range: -41ºC to +70º C
Operation Humidity Range: 0 - 85%
Altitude: Certified to 3000 meters
EMI: CE Certified
ADA: Fully Compliant

Can I use a mouse and keyboard with the system?
Our systems are fully compatible with mice and keyboards.

How do I clean the system?
You can use any kind of glass cleanser to clean the glass. It's tempered glass and there's nothing to rub off. Treat it like a window.

The bezel is powder-coated steel and extremely durable. It is a much more durable finish than that on your car.

Is a safe system? Are there any health concerns?
All electronic components will have potential EMI/RFI radiation. The EMI/RFI radiation of Wavelength™ touch screens is strictly controlled and meets all international standards. It is a safe system. 

Will scratches cause any problems to performance?
No. The glass is only there to protect your display. The system will function with scratched glass, cracked glass or no glass at all.