A New Generation of Touch Screens Has Arrived and It's Going to Make Waves!

Our new generation of touch input is based on one of the oldest touch technologies, infrared. 

Infrared was always considered the most dependable touch input, however, it was hindered by several factors such limiting the active touch points to a series of points on a grid, typically 1/2 inch apart, susceptibility to false signals via ambient light sources and fragility.

Those problems are just history now as we move at light speed into the
future with the Wavelength touch screen system.

These systems do not detract from the image on the display. They use clear tempered glass to protect the display or no glass or shield at all if your application doesn't need it.

The system is fully sealed to IP65 for use inside or outdoors.

No longer limited to a grid like series of touch points you can touch any object on the screen with silky smooth motion thanks to 4096X4096 touch resolution.

Temperatures a problem for your potential application? No more, the Wavelength system is fully operational from -41C (-42 F) to +70C (158F)!

Dirty, Wet or Dusty atmosphere creating havoc with your touch system? Forget about it!  Wavelength is unaffected, by water, smoke and dust.

Worried about vandalism? Don't be, we can place any thickness or type of protective glass you desire in the wavelength system.

Looking at "through-glass" systems for a window display? We have a better solution with wavelength and we can provide up to a 127" diagonal interactive system on any surface! It is more stable and costs less than the "through-glass" systems.

Need ADA certification? Wavelength is fully ADA compliant!

Frustrated with a tangle of wires and controller boxes and external power supplies. The controller is built-in to the powder coated steel bezel and the system operates from a single USB cable! (DB9 is available)

Wavelength is the most dependable touch technology available. Each system even has redundant circuitry for fail-safe, mission-critical dependability. No other system can approach the Wavelength system's dependability.