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EZ1710L-W4R, 17.1" Diagonal 4-Wire Resistive Touch Screen Panel

EZ1710L-W4R, 17.1" Diagonal 4-Wire Resistive Touch Screen Panel

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17.10" 4-Wire Resistive Touch Panel w/ 4:3 Aspect Ratio

2-Layer Design

ITO (indium tin oxide) coated PET (polyethylene) on ITO coated chemically strengthened glass (1.8mm thick)

Laser bonded tail attachment
Gold Tail Traces 
Molex style female connector 
Front Foam Gasket & Rear Adhesive Installed

Surface Treatments:
Clear Hard Coating
Anti-Newton Ring Treatment

External Dimension: 362.00mm x 278.00mm X 2.5mm (+/- 0.30mm)
Viewable Dimension: 340.00mm x 260.00mm (+/- 0.25mm)
Active Area): 320.00mm x 238.00mm (+/- 0.25mm)
Tail Length): 67mm (+/- 0.25mm)
Tail Connector Pitch): 2.54mm (0.100")

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The Wavelength touch screen system is fully sealed to P65 and operational from -42 C (-44F) to +70 C (158 F).
it comes standard with tempered glass with customization available.
The controller is built-in to the powder coated steel bezel and the system operates from a single USB cable! (DB9 is available).