Collection: 8-Wire Resistive Touch Panels

Designed as a direct replacement for popular HMI (Human Machine Interface) industrial control units.

8-Wire Resistive Touchscreen Specifications 

Ezscreen® 8-wire Resistive Touch Sensors (Touch Screens) have the following standard features:

• Touch Point is 99%+ Accurate and ADA Compliant
•“Anti-Newton Ring” Chemically Hardened “ITO” Indium Tin Oxide (In2O3SnO2) Glass
• Engineered Internal Anti-Glare PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) overlay is fully bonded to the ITO glass substrate
• Separator dot diameter less than 0.035mm-0.050mm,
• Light Transmission:≥83% wavelength 
• FPC Tail
• Resolution (touch) of 4096X4096
• Haze: Less than 6%, 
• Maximum Circuit Rating: DC5v less than20mA at contact point of top layer with bottom layer (ITO/ITO)
• Insulation Resistance: 10M+@ DC25V
• Dielectric Strength: Withstands 250V RMS (50 ~ 60 Hz 1 min.)
• Contact Bounce Time: Less than 5ms
• Life Expectancy: Greater than 35,000,000 closures (typical) • Scoring Life: More than 5,000,000
• Mechanical Actuation Force: 10 to 100g (pen or finger)
• Linearity: Less than 1.5% • Surface Hardness 3H
• Environmental Operational Temperature Range -10°C (14ºF) to +60°C (140ºF) (humidity from 20% to 85%, no dew condensation)
• Storage Temperature from -20°C (-4ºF) to +70°C (158ºF) (humidity 20% to 90%, no dew condensation) Humidity 40°C @ 90% -95% for 240 hrs
• Vibration Rating: 20 G's max. (10-200 Hz, MIL-STD-202, M204, Condition B)

Need a custom touchscreen? Follow this link to the design guide